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Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 17:58:13 +0000 (UTC)
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 Guess I am not sure how to post a listing -- thanks..
Larry FW6EF
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  Subject: Questions: Connecting a Drake Amplifier

 Hit a roadblock I am not understanding. I wanted to connect a Drake L-4 
Amplifier (also have a Drake L-7 - same problem). Looking at the input the 
unit/s want - they want AGC input - I am familiar that ALL other Amplifiers I 
have used accept/require ALC input.  I am trying to drive either of these units 
with a ICOM IC -756 - it only outputs an ALC.  Of course the definitions of AGC 
and ALC is not the same - or about the same functions.
Then also - beyond my understanding clearly caution in the manual ... "WARNING: 
Set the Transceiver output power and linear amplifier ALC output level 
referring to the linear amplifier instruction manual.  The ALC input level must 
be in the range 0 V to -4V and the transceiver does not accept positive 
voltage.  Non-matching ALC and RF power settings could cause a fire or ruin the 
linear amplifier."QUESTION: 1. How do I connect the ICOM to the Drake Amp? - ? 
what if not connecting anything to the AGC on the Amp?2. How could a 
'non-matching ALC and RF power setting cause a fire? ?over heating the Amp?
Thanks for any assistance73W6EFLarry FibichSacramento, CA area    
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