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Subject: KP4TK_10M_TEST
From: ericm@rmece02.upr.clu.edu (ericm@rmece02.upr.clu.edu)
Date: Wed Dec 15 11:15:16 1993
                       ARRL TEN METER CONTEST  1993

      Call: KP4TK                    Country:  Puerto Rico
      Mode: CW ONLY                  Category: Single Operator\Low Power

      CW       919     3688       52       46
      Totals   919     3688       52       46  =   361,424

Time: 24 Hrs
Equipment Description:

     Kenwood TS-140s
     Antron 99 Vertical CB Antenna @ 40ft


    -Had a lot of problem with local CBears. They QRMed me many times during
     the contest in my running freq. telling me to QSY ( in SSB ) because I
     was interfering them! I will get information for a complaint to the FCC.
    -The band was not so bad. There were some good oppenings to NA ( PM ) and 
     Europe ( AM ). 
    -Lost about two hours of the saturday morning because there was no good 
     signals in the band. After an inspection I found that the "ATT" ( atte-
     nuator ) was "ON". Hi! >-)
    -I enjoyed the contest a lot. Very good OPs out there. Thanks all those 
     who make all efforts to hear me.
    -Can you belive I got CT and FL very late in the contest?
    -Very hard to work the 7 zone. No Qs to pacific.

73's to all, merry XMAS and happy new contest year 1994

Eric M. Guzman Colon, KP4TK

>From alan@dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker)  Wed Dec 15 15:06:25 1993
From: alan@dsd.es.com (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Subject: Optimum call sign for CW?
Message-ID: <9312151506.AA16359@dsd.ES.COM>

Well, Bob...some of us have had many vigorous discussions on this very
subject many times through the years. There are advantages and disadvantages
to various calls in terms of both prefixes and suffixes and whether you 
prefer voice or CW. Some of our observations have been:

On CW avoid a call that ends with a K. (I actually heard KK6K on 40 CW one 
evening! Now that could be confusing for most anyone.)

On CW avoid a call that has Es in it - the E sometimes gets lost in the
pileup/QRM/QRN etc. Ditto for Ts. (My KH6 call was KH6EVT back in the '60s.
I wish I had a nickel for all of the times that I was mistaken for KH6EV or
KH6VT on CW).

So what are good CW calls? A call sign that is short but has some power
to it such as W0MM - the average power for a call like this is much higher
than a shorter call such as N5EE. You get the idea. N5EE, NE5E and AE5E are 
the shortest calls currently available unless the FCC decides to allow a 1X1
format such as W1A (not likely).

On voice modes, the preferred calls seem to be those which are easily
recognizable and easily remembered such as N2AA, W6AM, W6RR, K5DX, K6LL,
K7UP, W2SEX, KH6IJ - like that. I personally believe that having a 7 
somewhere in your call is worth at least one S unit, especially on SSB. 

As far as those of us who are displaced to a different call area are
concerned, I have found that it is still not common knowledge that the
call areas are not as well defined as they once were. You can find a W6
on the east coast, and a W2 on the west coast, and a K6 in Utah if you
listen around the bands enough. Still, there are many who are confused
and expect people like me to have a 7 call. I have been mistaken for
K7XO quite a few times. It is time now to make it official .... ..
To my knowledge, K7XO was never issued back in the '70s - guess no one
was interested in it then. I did work W7XO about 10 years ago and I have
his card. If someone beats me to K7XO, I have some other suffixes in mind.

Alan, K6XO

N6TR's XYL is a Tree hugger...

>From len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay)  Wed Dec 15 15:35:43 1993
From: len@ariel.coe.neu.edu (Leonard Kay) (Leonard Kay)
Subject: Optimum call sign for CW?
Message-ID: <9312151535.AA02737@ariel.coe.neu.edu>

Well, if they're gonna give out 1x1's, N5E wins on size, of course..

Of course, no matter what 'highly desired calls' we come up
with, ~100 or so people are gonna request every one... If the FCC
determines the winner by the earliest postmark (?), I can bet there
are gonna be a lot of FedEx envelopes in Gettysburg on Day 1! :-)

Len KB2R

>From Syrj{m{ki Timo <s129964@cs.tut.fi>  Wed Dec 15 15:58:11 1993
From: Syrj{m{ki Timo <s129964@cs.tut.fi> (Syrj{m{ki Timo)
Subject: Optimum call sign for CW?
Message-ID: <199312151558.AA15464@laulurastas.cs.tut.fi>

How about the callsign like TU5NN...

Merry XMas,

>From Jim Stevens" <ki4hn@vnet.IBM.COM  Wed Dec 15 16:06:45 1993
From: Jim Stevens" <ki4hn@vnet.IBM.COM (Jim Stevens)
Subject: Callbook page flipping

As Chris, KU4A, said, I did some Callbook page flipping last night, and I
was surprised.  I looked at all available 1X2 and 2X1 calls that were of
the form x4Ax and xx4A, and I found that approximately 20% of the available
calls were unused.  If I apply this percentage to all possible 4 district
1X2 and 2X1 calls, I get about 800 unused calls.  More than I would have

Also looked up some "catchy" 1X2 suffixes that are available.  Here's a
partial list: K4AM, N4CW, W4CW, W4DX, W4FM, N4RF, W4RF, K4RX.  Decisions,

73, KI4HN, Jim

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