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Results-everyday logging survey

Subject: Results-everyday logging survey
From: Hamk0luz@aol.com (Hamk0luz@aol.com)
Date: Fri Dec 8 13:15:21 1995
>I can see the usefullness of a daily logging program for windows, but when
>you're contesting, you should be contesting, right? The survey was directed
>at everyday programs. Haven't tried Dave, WJ2O's program yet, maybe it's an
>all-in-one program.

I am using DXBase with Windows 95 and it works great when using other
programs.   With the old Windows 3.1,  when I put DXBase in the back
ground,  it would not actively update at the time spots were received.  
There was a way to hold the new spots until you brought the screen
back to active status,  but it was a hassle.   With Windows 95,  I can
be running my word processor,  games, etc.  and it will give me the
appropriate sounds when a new spot comes in and I can tab to the
program and see if I should get excited.

I do have some problems getting enough memory to run auxillary 
programs off DXBase,  but that's just a configuration problem I
haven't taken the time to fight through.

DXBase works great to dump in DX Contest Calls after contests, and
the one situation where I contacted them regarding a problem,  it was
solved reasonable quick and satisfactory.   And yes,  I agree that to
bemoan the fact that you are getting an "unrecognized country"
simply means you haven't read the manual or feel up to using
your head!  


>From Bill Fisher <bill@akorn.net>  Fri Dec  8 19:45:39 1995
From: Bill Fisher <bill@akorn.net> (Bill Fisher)
Subject: Omni-6 Firmware change coming.
Message-ID: <Pine.BSD/.3.91.951208143120.29161A-100000@paris.akorn.net>

Just off the phone with Tom Salvetti VP at Ten Tec.  It turns out the 
discussion that started here on the contest reflector has actually 
produced some very nice changes.  The following changes to the firmware 
on the Omni-6 will be available for $15.00 in a few weeks.  Each Omni-6 
owner will receive a letter in the mail when the firmware is available.  
These changes will, IMHO, make the Omni-6 a very FB contest rig.

#1  The RIT CLEAR button will clear the rit or xit (whichever is enabled) 
immediately when pressed.
#2  The tuning rate on the rit/xit will be programmable.  5 different 
rates will be possible!  YAE!!!!!
#3  You will be able to program the filter bandwidth via the computer 
interface.  (((Whatever)))
#4  LOCK will now only lock the active VFO, not both.  You can still lock 
both by switching to the inactive VFO and pressing LOCK.

The RIT CLEAR button will function (as it always has) in transmit on SSB 
and FSK.  Due to microprocessor limitations, he said it was not possible 
to clear or vary the rit while in transmit.

I used this rig for the first time in a contest this past weekend in the 
160m contest.  I had my IC-761 next to it and could switch the 160m 
antenna to either radio.  It's hard to describe, but I felt much less 
fatigued while using the Omni-6.  It is a joy to listen to....  The best 
feature is the RF GAIN which actually works like I believe it is supposed 
to work.  When increased the band noise will slowly fade (S meter will 
decrease too) but any signal over a certain level will still come through 
at it's normal strength.  You may say big deal... but it really is nice!  
Also the lack of stray junk (intermod, or whatever) on a clear frequency 
is great.


Bill, KM9P

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