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[CQ-Contest] Contest Operator All-Stars, etc.

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Operator All-Stars, etc.
From: ddjones@nas.com (Dale Jones K5MM)
Date: Tue Mar 10 22:54:16 1998
 Re:  Contest All Star possibilities:

 Scott, W4PA, recounted some of the experiences he enjoyed and responses
 he initiated during the recent ARRL-ssb Contest.  Most interesting,
 and certainly ones that I think are GOOD....very good, actually.

 Consistent with Scott's "reverse" tips (see below), maybe the contest
 community should consider naming some Contest Operator All Stars, after 
 a contest.

 I see that a few Europeans, and a ZL, are sending a report to the 
 reflector on Signal Strength of some of the Big US op station.  That is 
 of course very interesting and useful too.  

 A similar summary of All Star Ops, as judged by SOMEONE -- a known
 DX station on behalf of the US stations, and some of the knowledgeable
 US guys on behalf of the DX ops,-- would be fun.  It also puts a 
 'positive' spin on naming the GOOD GUYS, rather than naming the rogues.

 I would suggest that this All Star list should not be based on signal
 strength.  That is being done separately already.  Some of the items to
 consider when naming an All Star could include:

        1.      Correct Operating Procedure
        2.      Clarity of exchange (no dumb phonetics, like Gnat, Knife,
Pneumonia, etc. on ssb)
        3,      Following contest rules, precisely
        4.      Availability on the bands
        5.      Operating style, working by District, consistent technique, etc.
         (avoid calling CQ at 45 wpm, and then allowing a 300 millisecond
          elapsed time between CQ's -- same concept on ssb)
        6.      Extra effort in getting the other guys call sign right.
        7.      etc......

 May be best to keep it informal -- and just let anyone who wants to be
 a judge, be one.  Scott has kicked it off by naming 8P9P, V26B, & P40W 
 in his summary.
 Anybody interested in this??
 Dale  K5MM

At 09:52 PM 3/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm only rabid about contesting for CW but spent some time calling
>CQ during the ARRL DX contest this past weekend and would like to
>share my "reverse" operating tips for the casual SSB contest operator.
>Anyone that responds to my CQ with something intelligent like 
>"Bravo Lima", didn't get a response.  Some of them were really loud.
>I just called CQ again.  "BRAVO LIMA".  Call CQ again.  The third
>CQ, the guy says his entire callsign, which I repeated back with
>correct phonetics with the signal report.  This happened over and
>over again.  Since I have no desire to win or participate seriously
>on SSB, I am more than happy to take the time to subliminally pass
>along the message that YOUR ENTIRE CALLSIGN is the desired operating
>method for SSB.  
>My other favorite activity on SSB is figuring out what contest ops
>are not signing their callsign, and then happily NOT working them.  
>You make me wait for your callsign on one band, I'm not going to work 
>you on another.  8P9P, V26B, P40W (among others) never made me wait 
>and I was willing to wait patiently to work them if needed.  
>The wretched ones will remain nameless...and without QSO in my SSB 
>contest log.    
>Where's Bafoofnik when you need him?  I feel flesh burning....
>Scott Robbins, W4PA 
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