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[CQ-Contest] GO subliminal

Subject: [CQ-Contest] GO subliminal
From: w3cf@email.msn.com (Douglas Priest)
Date: Thu Mar 12 09:28:19 1998
snip from lengthy thread......
and just listened to the two-letter calls
being thrown at me.  I've learned to ignore them.  I refuse to
answer them.  Their use of the two letters tell me they don't
think I have the ability to copy a complete callsign.  They are
also telling me that they don't have the sense to realize that I
CAN copy a complete callsign even when faced with my performance
of working station after station who called with full calls.  Two
letter users deserve to not be worked.

A M E N!!!!

And the 2X3 handicap doesn't fly either.....I dont always get the full call
in the size pileups we run at V2 and quite often I come back to what I hear
as long as I think I've heard a station using a full call. If all the 1X2's,
2X1's and 2X2's call together the guy with the 2X3 will STILL be
transmitting while the others have unkeyed. It worked for me when I had a
longer call! I totally agree with Dale.....Noone who conducts a pileup
should respond to ANY partial call. We NEVER do it at V2. Most of us are
barely adequate typist and if I take a partial call it only makes the QSO
longer as I have to back up to the beginning of the line and fill in
whatever blanks  that need to be filled.

The way I look at it is if you give me a partial call there is a 100% chance
I won't get the full call. If you give me a full call the odds stack heavily
in the opposite direction.

I found it amusing how many europeans would give a partial call hoping I
would come back to the loudest station so perhaps they could sneak in a non
USA/VE QSO during the ARRL DX test.  NOT!

73 de Doug W3CF  // V26DX // 10m OP at V26B for ARRL Phone

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