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[CQ-Contest] GO subliminal

Subject: [CQ-Contest] GO subliminal
From: ku7y@dri.edu (Monte Stark)
Date: Thu Mar 12 09:07:05 1998
I'd like to add something from a different viewpoint.

Last weekend I plugged in the mic and tried making a few
contacts on SSB. After 45 years of hamming I thought it
would be a nice thing to do!  :-)

One of the reasons I don't do SSB is that I just can't
understand what people are saying! The rig doesn't make
any difference. I have a 1000MP now and while it might
be better than some I've had it still sounds like so much

I noticed that MOST of the "big" stations used good phonetics and
overall sounded very good. 

But..... it was still very hard for me to understand many of them. Not
their fault. It's just a fact! Using different phonetics is important to
me because it makes the difference between hearing "mush" and hearing a

And I think there are a lot of people that have similar troubles.

Just wanted to throw this into the discussion.

Ron, KU7Y

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