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[CQ-Contest] Re: Public reporting of UBN data

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: Public reporting of UBN data
From: i4jmy@migate.ampr.org (i4jmy@migate.ampr.org)
Date: Mon Mar 16 18:28:49 1998
    I think the most of partecipants not only will continue to enter
  the CQWW contest if UBN/NIL are of public domain, but they will do it
  with confidence, appreciating the "benefits".  I can't wait until all
  logs, not only UBN/NIL files, will be of public domain, possibly soon
  after the contest end.  
    Why K0HB wants to keep UBN files "hidden" is obscure to me. 

    When the score has been reduced it's already a sign that something
  didn't fit.  Eventually, a big score reduction could make someone
  ashamed, but the "cutted" score is not only on WWW, is PRINTED on the
  CQ-magazine (and CQ-contest) likewise it was his declared score. A 
  public domain UBN file won't change the situation.

    Someone feel himself became so good and tricky and dosen't want to
  loose his advantage ?  Why to be afraid, then. This guy will have an
  empty UBN file (or nearly empty) and consequently no one will learn
  anything by it !

    The Contest calendar is full of events where partecipants could
  send by mistake the previous year Log without any penalty, and there
  is a (small) number of gamblers who like to make fun of everyone.
  (but since started the log checking, they disappeared as winners or
  top scorers, and even as entrants, from CQWW)
    No one did ask himself why the CQWW collects more partecipants and
  "boost" activity from rare countryes when some other contest is
  loosing entrants ?
  Mauri I4JMY, one of IR4T

  e-mail: i4jmy@migate.ampr.org  

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