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[CQ-Contest] UBN etc

Subject: [CQ-Contest] UBN etc
From: MartinL@AppDes.com.au (Martin Luther)
Date: Tue Mar 17 18:22:38 1998
I find this analysis very powerful for correcting errors. However,  I do
want to sound a word of caution about printing these things for everyone
to read. As a beginning CW contester I'm not all that happy to advertise
my woeful performance. My UB percentage was over double the average. 

Analysis shows that I am, surprise, surprise a beginning CW contester.
Nearly 20% of B's were due to errors in the letters S and H. Worse
towards the beginning of the contest!? Similarly many of the rest were
the same morse code standard errors.

I've got nothing to hide, I wasn't trying to cheat. I just made reading
errors! However, it is embarassing to say the least to have these
failures paraded in front of the normal internet intolerance. 

You can hear the great self satisfied, sanctified as they pontificate
"Everyone who is greater than twice the average is suspect. They should
be investigated further to ensure their grandfather wasn't arrested for
being a river boat gambling cheat. "

"Of course if we hadn't abolished the ducking stool we wouldn't have
these people trying to cheat"

"Everyone with greater than 2% should be put in the stocks so we can
throw internet rotten tomatoes at them"

No, I think on balance, we would be better to just look at our own

Those of you with beautiful skills and sub 1% errors can post your
results to the reflector so we can all help to polish your halo! But me,
I'd rather lurk in the shadows trying hard to improve and get better
without having to suffer shame each time I go into a CW contest. 

Just ,perhaps, beginning contesters may feel the same way as me.

73  Martin

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