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[CQ-Contest] at long last: contest EQUITY

Subject: [CQ-Contest] at long last: contest EQUITY
From: TOMK5RC@aol.com (TOMK5RC)
Date: Sun Apr 5 11:53:25 1998
In a message dated 4/5/98 9:46:39 AM Central Daylight Time, DougKR2Q@aol.com

<< How about a score (no, not officially sanctioned, just for a fun
 that is the result of station/operater PRODUCTIVITY.  Each entrant can
 as many hours as they want to.  Take your total score and divide it by the
 number of hours you operated. >>

Not a bad idea. Any contest sponsor could add another box to the results
showing the score per hour.  Perhaps one of our statisticians could do a
correlation matrix for a few of the past contests and see what it looks like.

Tom, K5RC
aka K7GJ

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