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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L Martin)
Date: Tue Mar 6 07:17:30 2001
 > a fair point has been raised here about how long a frequency is
 > legitimately
 > yours when you choose to vacate it for any reason. I submit to the
 > contesting court that there's no cookbook answer to that one.

Isn't the test of a frequency's use/occupancy in the absence of a QSO in
progress or a CQ the questions raised by the interested party: QRL? or "Is
this frequency in use?"

If there's time to ask those questions a couple of times and there is no
response forthcoming, logic tells me the frequency is not in use.

What would you do in that case if you got no response to your QRL questions?
Would you accept a station coming on a minute or so later saying it was his

If I'm S&P'ing along and find a nice clear spot, I'm camping out as long as
I can.  If there are no responses to my QRL?'s, I'm CQ'ing.  The clear spot
could have been vacated by a station moving another to another band.  But it
could also have been vacated by a station who moved to another frequency to
CQ or S&P.  I have no way of telling if I didn't hear the move conversation.

dale, kg5u

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