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[CQ-Contest] <RF> Racing is rubbing ?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] <RF> Racing is rubbing ?
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Tue Mar 6 14:27:14 2001
 > I'd say it's more like a NASCAR race, with a few bumps and pushes.

Aha, to steal a line from the old Tom Cruise "Days of Thunder" flick.

When the young racer complained about the behavior of the other
older drivers and what they did to him in the heat of the battle out
on the track ... the old sage replies back ...

                                           "Racing is rubbing" ...

so ... a.k.a.          "RF Racing is LOTS of RF rubbing ?"

'Tis very true ! ... it's all part of leaving the stands and
getting out there in the race and rubbing around ...

Seems likes that is what we are discussing ... How the
"rubbing" is to be handled ... not outlawing it or trying to
prevent ANY 'rubbing' to take place ... and both ops are
being fair and up front with each other ... which is FB !

73 Billy AA4NU ... in NASCAR land (TN), far away from W1-land.

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