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[CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Reply to SO2R comments...
From: kwolff@ultranet.com (Ken Wolff)
Date: Tue Mar 6 21:46:53 2001
OK. I take it back. We will build the appropriate (interlocked) hardware and
make sure there is plenty of noise on the run frequency when tuning
elsewhere. This is automatic in other contest programs, and CT can be
trained to do the same thing.

Exactly *once* In 39 years of contesting I have deliberately sat on a
smaller station to take his frequency. I was the 40 meter SSB op at KC1XX
one night when I ran across KQ2M CQ'ing split. I thought it would be
entertaining to see how Bob would handle a frequency fight with split
receive frequencies. Bob is well known as a premier frequency fighter who
subscribes to the "scorched earth" policy, meaning "if I can't have it, I'll
burn it to the ground."

The answer was immediate and obvious. He dropped down into the European
phone band and screamed at me on my receive frequency for 20 minutes until I
went away.

Bob, I apologize, it was a bad experiment gone wrong.

So, how does one find a frequency on a crowded band? Most of us squeeze
between two hard-to-hear W's. If you are loud, you get answers and their
rate drops. Pretty soon you have a double wide channel! So, if you are "in
between," it's fair, if you are "on top of," it's not. Beats me.

How about tuning across your old friend Bill on 15 and offering to trade for
the band edge you are holding on 20? You didn't steal anything, but the
single op police will probably pop a vessel.

Maybe two or three hundred YCCCers could "happen" to line up every 2.0 kHz
on twenty, fifteen and ten, and "happen" to swap frequencies every hour. Now
*that* would make CQ-Contest hum for years!

Fortunately, this is all academic for me. I don't know the phone, and on CW
the problem is minor at worst.

Remember, it's only a hobby.

K1 Easy Able

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   > There are not enough channels and there are no "frequency rights."  There
   > almost always someone on every frequency, whether you can hear them of
   > Pick a frequency for best rate. If K3LR or K1AR is also on that channel
   > just shows up), your rate may not be optimized. The good op knows when to
   > fight and when to fold, it's part of the game.
Well, being from the Midwest, one can rarely compete into
Europe with the W1 big guns if they wish to ensue a
frequency battle.

Now that I fly out to the East Coast to contest from a
large station (albeit not W1), I see I need to learn this
East Coast tactic.  Pick any frequency that I believe I can
run off some other smaller station.  Because, as part of the
contest 'battle', if I believe I can achieve optimum rate by
doing so, it makes it okay.

It will take me a while to get used to that one.

Chad WE9V

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