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Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ tips and tricks - not

To: "Tonno Vahk" <tonno.vahk@mail.ee>, <cq-contest@contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ tips and tricks - not
From: "Kelly Taylor" <ve4xt@mts.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:00:17 -0600
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Funny how people have taken the response to this thread and exaggerated it
into all sorts of nefarious behaviours.

Nobody suggested not being sportsmanlike about it. Nobody said that ...K was
an invitation to poach.

But if for whatever reason, the frequency goes clear, and someone quickly
tuning across looking for a spot isn't going to know how long it was clear,
it's up to the station who vacated it, however briefly, to defend his

If he doesn't, it's lost. I typically tune across what looks like a clear
frequency, listen for a second or two, dump a ? or QRL? and if I hear
nothing, F1 it is. What's wrong with that?

That doesn't mean folk aren't being sportsmanlike.

73, kelly

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From: "Tonno Vahk" <tonno.vahk@mail.ee>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 7:29 AM
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ tips and tricks - not

> My view on this:
> The biggest problem is always with guys who start to call CQ without any
> or SSB equivalent. They scroll the band, find an empty spot and there they
> go after 3 seconds! This is very common in EU. I don't remember having
> problem often with US ...or JA:))
> That is not related to SO2R. That usually happens when trying to pull out
> weak one who gives you his call 3 times to enable you to get it. On 40m at
> night it is almost impossible to RX for more than 5-6 seconds when a weak
> guy is answering. 59+30 CQs will be all over you literally:)
> I am very sorry to say that many of the "big" guys who land on your
> frequency don't send QRL. There are some who send once and then start
> in a few seconds. I may not be able to answer the first QRL for two
> 1. I am trying to pull out a weak one and I am almost there, can't
> myself as he is just completing the call
> 2. I am 0,2 KHz away and I need the second QRL from the station to tune at
> him to answer. In SSB this is more important.
> So I think 2 times QRL should be practice! I have QRL? under F7 in TR and
> one of the most used keys.
> Secondly about SO2R:
> When I go to RADIO B for contact and stop CQing on RADIO A then I DO
> TO MY RUN FREQUENCY! I always have my left ear on RADIO A. Thus even if I
> away for 2 minutes this is still my frequency and should anybody sent QRL,
> will say YES to them.
> So do you guys agree that the frequency is mine till anybody asks QRL
> (preferrably twice) and gets no answer? So if he just says that the
> frequency has been empty for 2 minutes and no he can take it without
> he is wrong. THAT WAS MY RX FREQUENCY.
> Thus I don't see any problem in SO2R vs non-SO2R operation if only guys
> would be polite to ask.
> I am tempted to write down those callsigns in the next contest who don't
> and put up here.
> 73
> tonno
> es5tv
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> From: <jukka.klemola@nokia.com>
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> Sent: 14. detsember 2004. a. 11:52
> Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] CQ tips and tricks - not
> Season's greetings from Northern Europe.
> ...
> > The view from the other side:
> >
> > #1.  Hearing a stopped CQ is not an invitation to try to
> > steal time on a run
> > frequency.  You have no idea what could be going on - by
> > Sunday morning I am
> > so tired I can barely remember to press F1.  It would be easy
> > to press F1
> > then ESC or kick the footswitch - voila, stopped CQ.
> The view from my side:
> When I stop transmitting CQ at OH0V, it means I SWITCH ON MY RECEIVER
> to listen answers to my CQ.
> I do not really expect the W2 and K4 stations to "unagreeably borrow"
> my frequency.
> Hear you when you answer the CQ.. sometimes I may answer your CQ.
> Then a reality hit:
> Sometimes the strong and allmighty SO3R stations are so full of great
> thoughts they do not bother to wait me to stop my CQ.
> They just colonize my frequency and continue like I never existed.
> That really motivates me to find another frequency.
> Some of those NGP (no good people) do send me a report if I answer
> their CQ; that interpretes to me they did hear my original CQ but
> did not really bother to listen S8 deep into the band as the message
> was not interesting enough.
> 73 + XMAS,
> Jukka OH6LI / OH0V / OH4A
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