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[CQ-Contest] Re: The Battle of the callsigns

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: The Battle of the callsigns
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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 12:57:34 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
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Jose, Fascinating post (as usual), thanks.  Of course in Al's case (D4B), at 
the speed he's transmitting it, its even less time than this analysis.

I picked N1UR for the very reasons you speak of.  Could be shorter but, pretty 
darn short for a 1 call, on CW.

Imagine the difference between some other countries for comparison: contest 
call vs. normal home call.  Italy comes to mind, right away.


Ed  N1UR  (NV1N in WPX)
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