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Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 13:48:56 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
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Myself, I have been "on the other side" for over 20,000 Qs as FP0, C6, PJ2, 
XX9, and 9M6.  In my opinion, the discussion about QSLing and comparing it to 
contest logs is "apples and oranges".  The contest log is a record that is 
judged on accuracy and is an inherent part of the contesting sport.  If an 
exchange is off by a letter, it is deemed NIL, and not eligible for credit, 
period.  Does it mean that the contact did not take place? Possibly, but not 
certainly.  Someone could have made a typo recording a valid QSO.  It should be 
deemed "not eligible" for contest credit.

A QSL is confirmation of a QSO.  Is it possible to confirm a QSO that had a 
mistake during the exchange?  Of course.  DXCC requires QSLs as confirmation of 
2 way QSOs.  It does not say that in order for a QSO to be valid, no mistake 
can be tolerated.  Obviously, if a mistake is "suspected" some manner to 
clarify it needs to be made.  In my case, as QSL manager for most of my 
DXpeditions, I use the following technique:

If someone is "in the log" clean, I just QSL what is in the log, regardless of 
what band, time, mode, date they are asking for.  You wouldn't believe the 
date/time screw ups that come in when seeing DXpedition QSLs come in.  The vast 
majority that screw up are in the log but at a different time and place than I 
have them in.

If someone is NIL, I put the card aside for a significant time (6 months or 
more).  I then check the NILs with a Super Check Partial technique to see if 
anything in the log is close.  I also wait to see if the close person has 
already QSL'd.  If the close person has QSL'd, I send back a "Sorry, not in 
log".  If there is no QSL next to a close call, I make a judgement call as to 
whether the mistake is reasonable.  A resonable mistake on CW is N1VR instead 
of N1UR.  A non-reasonable mistake on CW is N5UR instead of N1UR.  If the 
mistake is reasonable, and the QSO unconfirmed, I go ahead and QSL.  If its 
not, I send the "sorry not in log".

I don't expect that everyone does the same as me however, I do feel, that, as 
the person who has gone on the DXpedition, it is my judgement call to make.  
Period.  I respect someone else's on my QSL attempt, as well.

Others may do differently.  But this is what I do.

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