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Re: [CQ-Contest] I can see the difference...

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] I can see the difference...
From: "Ken Widelitz" <widelitz@gte.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:29:04 -0800
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Thanks for your response, Tree.

I have felt like making a post to the effect "Gentlemen's Agreement = Lead
Balloon." Other than Tree's response, I received one direct response
supporting the Gentlemen's Agreement from a Sweepstakes Top Ten Box
competitor. To the extent that such an agreement already existed, I've never
heard about it. In fact, at two SCCC panel discussions regarding
Sweepstakes, a number of years apart, I've espoused using the directional CQ
as a method of generating a random act of kindness. After all, as currently
written that is allowed by the rules. No one ever mentioned a Gentlemen's
Agreement indicating that was a frowned upon activity.

As to Tree's specific comments:

> 2. We will not solicit, over the air, during the contest, information
> regarding a needed section;

Check. (The lawyers will have to fix the wording of this so that I can
actually work the multiplier when I hear him on the second radio - since
I am sort of soliciting his precedence/check/section when I call him).

> 5. We may act on any information overheard on the air so long as we have
> solicited that information in any way;

Almost check.  If someone comes by and tells me where the VO1 is, I like
the response proposed earlier that you say you are operating unassisted and
can not accept any assistance in spotting (as indicated in the rules).

It doesn't matter if the information is solicited or not.  It helps you
find the multiplier - so it is assistance.  I don't know how anyone can
think otherwise.

Number 5 really covers the concerns Tree raises in Number 2. And, in any
event, I don't see how working someone on the 2nd radio is any different
than working them on your CQ radio. You are definitely soliciting
information from the other station when you CQ.

I also don't see the difference between hearing two stations discussing
where the VO1 is while S&Ping and acting on that vs. having an unsolicited
random act of kindness on your CQ frequency and saying you can't act on that
because you are unassisted. You can't "unhear" information. What if you're
just a few khz away from that VO1's frequency on the 2nd radio. Do you have
to skip it? I think not.

In any event, I'll abide by my proposed Gentlemen's Agreement, but only if
my competitors indicate they intend to do so also. If there are only 3
stations that agree to it, I sure won't feel bound. I'm virtually certain
everyone that has appeared in the Sweepstakes Top Ten box in the A, B and Q
categories in the last few years subscribe to this reflector. Remember, this
is an agreement to go "above and beyond" the published rules. Now is the
time to put up or shut up.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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