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Re: [CQ-Contest] The Unassisted Myth

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] The Unassisted Myth
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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:59:55 +0000 (GMT)
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For those who still don't get it:

Ham radio contesting is a technical sport involving technology - equipment, 
skills to assemble the station (yourself or purchased) AND (one or more) 
operator skills .

If anyone wants to water this down to "categories" (one keyer, half the 
headphones, cheap mike, no antenna, etc....) that serves the PC crowd trying to 
win that obscure category with no one in it. Some accomplishment! Top score 
listings and boxes lose their purpose and attraction if they have to fill two 
pages in the results listings. (That's like breaking down Olympic 100m dash to 
Nike, Adidas, boxers and briefs "categories").

The operator part boils down to SINGLE OP with no nothing "assisting" in 
operating (feeding the stations call/freq.) and the rest of categories as they 
are now (A, M/S, M/M, Club).

The idea is to use and push the technology limits (bett'a, mo' equipment) and 
operator skills (managing the equipment, endurance, proficiency) that is 
reflected in the final score.

There are those who take it seriously and go "for blood" trying to make it into 
top ten whatever. In some cases those with big money prevail, in some cases 
more clever with little money can prevail and that is the name of the game - 
promoting station building and operating and seeing what combination wins.
It is possible to beat the "money bags" with wits, has been done many times, so 
crying for "my category" and fracturing the pelethon into bunch of "fit me" is 
not serving the contesting well. 

It seems that those who are casual contesters, just for fun are the most vocal 
and trying to "fix" what ain't broken. After you have been contesting for some 
40 years and have some wood to show for it, then you would appreciate the 
process of growing and not bitching about not being No 1 in whatever 

There is plenty to diversify and try to find the niche in trying to make #1 in 
existing arena. You can pick single band (go 10 now, guaranteed #1 with modest 
station/effort) or whatever fits you. When I was confined to 46x100 ft city lot 
in Toronto suburb, managed to stumble on Big Bertha, built my own Razor Beams, 
with $300 used modified Drakes, home brewed monoband amp, I managed to nail all 
single band WW and WPX Canadian records and some 20 world records. As far as I 
know no one has beaten that in any country even with tens of acres of antennas. 
I taught me to design better stuff than commercially available and to hone my 
operating skills (and paper duping system). There are many examples like that 
and plenty of room for improvement especially in using the advancement in 
technology. I just love the computer logging, vs. spending a day in duping the 
paper logs after the contest. SDR are here, opening whole new arena, again you 
need to master and implement the technology an
 d learn how to use it. (Too bad we have "just" two ears, eyes, hands and feet 

The complete operator will follow, learn and implement new technologies and 
work on his skills improvement. Better station and sharp operator will beat 
those stuck on packet and generally work the stuff before packeteers get to it 
and get tangled in never ending pileup. Getting the spots via whatever is not 
technology, it is help from someone ELSE, another person(s) - capish???

I think more important subjects how to improve our major contests, like fixing 
the ZERO points for own country, 3 QSO penalty and 9 months results pregnancy 
should get more "bitching" than this crying for "my category" and if making 
sandwich (or whatever) is assistance.

73 and MX   Yuri, K3BU

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From: Eric Hilding 
Date: Thursday, December 21, 2006 11:43 am
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] The Unassisted Myth
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> Jose, CT1BOH, wrote:<BR>> 
> > When it comes to the Single Operator category there are four 
> different> realities:
> >
> > SO1R
> > SO1R(A)
> > SO2R
> > SO2R(A)
> BINGO...finally someone has plainly and simply set forth the 
> "realties" of why (in a perfect world) there should be four 
> different scoring handicaps (oooops... "Categories") for SO 
> Contesting.
> Another reality is that SO1R ops (especially in DX Contests) 
> benefit g-r-e-a-t-l-y from all the assisted/packet operators who 
> "steer" more QSOs their way (even though they are not personally 
> categorized as "Assisted" ops). ***THAT*** is Reality #5.
> So perhaps a new category of SO1RS (Single Operator One Radio 
> "Spotted") needs to be evaluated in a different light, because 
> such a situation is really potentially hundreds...thousands of 
> operating "Assistants" on the SO1R op's "Team". If you get 
> spotted, you ***HAVE*** been "Assisted". Plain and simple. 
> Perhaps this is Contesting's "dirty little best kept secret" ???
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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