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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] K3 initial comments
From: "Bill Parry" <BPARRY@RGV.RR.COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 10:01:25 -0500
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I am not a person who likes to change radios very often but I am really
excited about this one. I am a little worried about the small size of the
knobs, so I want to see one that I can use but I think that this is going to
be my new one!

Bill, W5VX

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>As part of the Elecraft K3 beta test team, I thought I should give the
>contesting community some initial impressions of the radio.  I am testing
>serial number 013 (although the serial number tag is still at Elecraft)
>and it was one of the first units shipped with the 100 W (actually 120W)
>module installed.  I do not work for Elecraft, but was invited to be a
>beta tester.  I have had the radio for two days now.
>You can see the datasheet for the radio at the Elecraft web site.
>Simply put - this is a great radio.  I can't wait to get a second one so I
>can fully move my SO2R station over to them.
>A few years ago, I was hoping that the K2 would be that radio, but there
>were a couple of minor issues that kept me from really being comfortable
>with that radio in a CW Sprint.  However, these issues are fully addressed
>in the K3 - and the radio has grown up to be a world class unit that will
>rival everything else on the market.
>Soon - there will be numbers published to back up some of my impressions,
>but slipping on the headphones and listening to this radio has been very
>I will be taking this up to KL7RA's QTH for the IARU contest.   I will
>follow this up with more details on my observations after that.
>73 Tree N6TR
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