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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fwd: K3 initial comments
From: "Rick Tavan N6XI" <rtavan@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 08:49:45 -0700
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As another member of the field test team, I'll weigh in on the knob size

I, too, have been concerned about button/knob size and spacing. However, it
appears not to be a problem. I am running the K3 in an SO2R configuration
with an FT-1000MP and comparing the two closely. The two dual-concentric
knobs are actually a little larger than those on the MP. The selectivity
knobs are slightly closer together than the 4-knob cluster on the right-hand
side of the MP panel (DSP, notch, RIT) but they are single controls
(encoders), not dual-concentric, and very easy to manipulate. Button spacing
is more than adequate, wider in fact than the VFO/memory control buttons on
the MP. The only area where interference has bothered me is in the lower
left-hand corner where the gain controls are located next to the front panel
mic and phones jacks. This problem disappeared when I installed appropriate
cabling adapters so I could plug into the rear panel mic and phones jacks.
The contesters on the advisory group pushed for these rear panel "redundant"
connectors and they do their job well - no cables wrapping around the radio
and plugging into the front. The flywheel main tuning knob is luscious,
slightly smaller and much smoother than the one on the MP. The sub-receiver
tuning knob is much smaller than the one on the MP but it's all alone in its
portion of the panel and easy to use as a VFO B dial. (I don't have the
sub-receiver yet.) My only complaint about the panel is that I'd like a few
more buttons, but Elecraft is providing user-programmable buttons which will
fill the bill, albeit with generic "PFn" labels.

I have to concur with Tree. It's a great radio.

/Rick N6XI

On 7/5/07, Bill Parry <BPARRY@rgv.rr.com > wrote:
> I am not a person who likes to change radios very often but I am really
> excited about this one. I am a little worried about the small size of the
> knobs, so I want to see one that I can use but I think that this is going
> to
> be my new one!
> Bill, W5VX
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> >As part of the Elecraft K3 beta test team, I thought I should give the
> >contesting community some initial impressions of the radio.
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