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Re: [CQ-Contest] CQWW and 0 pointers

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQWW and 0 pointers
From: Doug Smith <w9wi@w9wi.com>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 09:12:13 -0500
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On Sun, 2007-07-08 at 14:32 +0100, Roger Parsons wrote:
> That seems to be quite a good idea. Works fine for the
> US, works fine for ZD8 and most other places. Don't
> think it is very fair for Canada - I would
> automatically get 2 rare zones (1 and 2) that I
> perhaps might not work otherwise. If the freeby is
> restricted to ones own country and own zone only, the
> the current problem of 0 pointers is not solved.

I would suggest it should be possible to do a simple statistical
analysis & determine whether a particular entrant isn't logging zero

Say, on average, for every 1,000 QSOs claimed by an entrant, his call
shows up as a NIL in one other entrant's log.  

Now, let's say W9WI's log contains 2,000 QSOs.  20 other stations claim
QSOs with W9WI that aren't in W9WI's log.  

That NIL rate is ten times the contest average.  It would seem to be
decent evidence that W9WI has a logging problem.  At the very least,
nobody should be penalized for claiming a W9WI QSO that isn't in the
submitted log -- indeed, sponsors probably should consider all claimed
W9WI QSOs valid regardless of what's in my submitted log.

Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View, TN  EM66

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