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From: "Robert Naumann" <w5ov@w5ov.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 13:54:03 -0600
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How is cheating a non-issue?

I am anxious to be better informed.


Bob W5OV

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Getscores.org Changes/Improvements...

Bob - W5OV wrote:

"As a Single-Op, I could watch what a multi-multi is doing (who is posting
their breakdown) on which bands and make my band selection based on that
information. If I'm running on 20, and I see their qso count increasing on
15, I would know that 15 is now open. This might be a tactical error, but it
is also cheating (a moral error) if I am claiming single op unassisted."

This is a non-issue. I don't need a scoreboard to tell me what band is hot.
Every DX contest, in the morning, I can hear the East Coast running EU at
high rates. There is no propagation from EU into the Midwest so I just have
to suck it up and plug along on the bands that are open into this area. The
scoreboard will only confirm what I already know.

In my opinion, the scoreboard is a tool to stimulate the "average" contester
to spend more time in the chair. I have participated in events where I would
have turned off the radio and gone to bed, but the competitor on the line
above or below me was still plugging away. I didn't want to come back in the
morning to find out they had surged ahead to a position I could no longer
challenge. The information kept me on the air longer. There was a small
surge of adrenaline each time the scoreboard updated and I saw my new

The scoreboard is not going to change the positions of the top ten
contenders, no matter how much anyone thinks it will. If you think it will,
then the scoreboards should be removed from the horse race tracks too. We
could ask the jockeys how much influence the scoreboard has on the race
outcome or cheating?

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
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