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Re: [CQ-Contest] Why the 10 min rule anyway?

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Why the 10 min rule anyway?
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 21:56:30 +0000
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> C'mon Randy, that's an easy one.

not so...

> A multi-single station can only have one operational station (single
> transceiver, or transmitter/receiver combo) on the air either listening or
> transmitting at any one time.  Period.  And that station must be on the
> air
> for a set period of time (be it 5 minutes or 30).  Period.

be 'on the air', on which band... or both.  How many vfo's can be in that
radio?  How about if I use a single ft-1000mp, can I split out the sub rx
headphone audio and have a second set of ears on it?  if I have a 1000d can
I put the sub rx on a different band with a second set of ears?  Still only
1 'station', only 1 radio, but what is a receiver, is it a box or an IF

> Does that rule out a M/S using a second station to listen for mults?  I'd
> say yes, IF that second station can transmit.  If you want to have a
> second,
> non-transmitting radio listening on another band for mults, that's fine.
> But only the primary station can transmit.

Who's rules are you starting from?  Some contest rules specifically allow a
m/s to have a 2nd transmitter on a different band to work multipliers.  Some
even specifically allow it to transmit at the same time as the 'main' radio,
on a different band.

> Obviously, certain common-sense exceptions can be made. 

Ah, but isn't that where the problems start... common sense for me might be
different from yours.  My common sense says to have 6 stations, each
optimized for a particular band... so what do I do if there are a few extra
operators sitting around, keep them from listening and spotting stuff on the
other bands??

> If a station
> suffers a failure, it can be replaced by a spare.  If there are multiple
> operational stations, one set for band "A" and another for band "B", you
> can
> shift the primary operational station [after the mandatory "on" time per
> band expires], but that requires that the other station be turned off.

Sounds like some form of wrtc rules.. you going to have a referee here to
make sure the other station is turned off?

> This nonsense that some Multi/Multi's & Multi/2's are using to justify
> entering into the M/S category by time splicing should not be tolerated.
> A
> station that is transmitting almost continuously by having one radio
> transmit while the other receives and vice/versa is not in the intent or
> spirit of a Multi Single, as the practical effect is that TWO radios are
> in
> use at the same time, not ONE.  That, IMHO, is not in the spirit or intent
> of the M/S category.

Depends on who writes the contest rules.  Some contest sponsors think your
way, some think they can allow the 2nd radio to be used.

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