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From: "David Kopacz" <david.kopacz@aspwebhosting.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 17:07:29 -0500
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It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Perhaps next we will be forced to place a camera in our shacks and
record the entire contest, both video and audio. Then when it is
discovered people are still cheating, we may be asked to place an
official at our stations (in our homes?) during the entire event, at our
own expense.

Dishonest people always find a way to cheat. They have been doing it for
thousands of years and will continue to do it...FOREVER!

This is exactly why I protested the public logs policy. I suspected that
opening logs would not be enough. It seems I was correct.

I love contesting, but not at the expense of letting my privacy be
infringed upon.

Think about how insane it would appear to anyone unfamiliar with amateur
radio if you told him/her that you participate in an annual contest,
that is solely a hobby, to obtain a plaque and bragging rights among
your peers, but were subject to such scrutiny that you had to agree to
allow a total stranger into your home in order to be observed during the

Is this what contesting has come to? Perhaps it's time we step back and
take a closer look at what we are doing.

David ~ KY1V/6Y1V

It's come to this.  Below is an excerpt from CQWW 2009 rules posted at 

   "A competitor contacted by the CQ
    WW Contest Commmittee prior to the
    contest must agree to a scheduled visitation
    by a representative of the CQ
    WW CC during the contest. Failure of
    the entrant to respond to our correspondence
    or to allow an observer full
    access to the contest QTH will result in
    the entrant's call being removed from
    award eligibility for 5 years."

73, de Hans, K0HB
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