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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 16:10:08 -0400
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        John - 

        A well put message. It seems as though this reflector sounds more
like a town meeting on healthcare at times. Too often this reflector
becomes a soapbox to tear down opinions and ideas rather than
rationally discuss them. 

        To return to a "betterment of contesting" forum and an attraction
for newcomers and oldtimers alike would a refreshing return to the
true meaning of the reflector and it's "roots". 

        Dick - KB1H
 On Tue 08/18/09 3:24 PM , K1AR@aol.com wrote:
 Most of can become pretty passionate when we think about the topic
of new 
 contesters. We remember our early days of operating and the
enjoyment we had 
 at that time (and hopefully still today!). A few of us might even
 when there was a sunspot or two.
 In light of the above, I'd like you to consider a concept. If you
were a 
 new contester and fell into the CQ-Contest list this week, would you
 motivated to become more involved? In recent months (or maybe
longer), we have 
 not put our best foot forward. Frankly, at the moment, this is the
 place I would send a newcomer.
 While the spirited dialog we enjoy is valuable to a point, it often
 into name calling and unproductive satire. If I were a new contester

 subscribing to a contest list, I'd be more interested in topics
like: how to 
 maximize low antennas in a solar minimum, ways I can stretch my
contest budget, 
 how to get involved in clubs, where I can find resources to learn
more, how 
 to choose between running and S&P. The list is endless.
 So, I'd like to suggest something for all of us to consider. Before
 next post, think about how a new guy might read it. Think about ways
 contribute your valuable experience in written form that will make
 CQ-Contest peers say, "Wow -- what a cool post!" Never stop voicing
your opinions, 
 but do it in a way that is constructive and avoids personal attacks.
 I may be off base here, but I'm willing to bet there is merit in
taking a 
 breath from the mean-spirited nature that makes it to this channel
 time-to-time. A mailing list is only as good as its participants'
 contributions. I, for one, am anxious to return to the roots of this
list that 
 Trey, N5KO, started many years ago.
 Thanks for reading.
 73 John, K1AR
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