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Re: [CQ-Contest] Techniques of Ye Olden Days

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Techniques of Ye Olden Days
From: VK4TI <vk4ti@wia.org.au>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 16:39:10 -0500 (CDT)
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You have certainly sparked some memories in a lots of us - my first year of
contesting was 1978 and from the first one I was hooked - I ran a FT101E and
a TS 820 two a pair of yagis on ten and 15 - suppose it was early (for me)
SO2R as I changed radios at will - they were run barefoot but it was a
competitive WPX or Oceania contest setup..I must have been a bit flash as I
had a rotator ! 

I too ran paper logs using a standard form that we created and printed using
a thing called a roneo(?)...it was a real old printing press setup but after
one contest a friend had this new computer that he was trying to interest me
in and he entered an entire contest log (over 1000 QSOs) into the PC and
presented me with a printout of the log and score - I still didn't gel what
the advantage of this computer thing was... fast forward 30 years and we

When I organised the VK2ATZ/LH expedition we had a huge score in the CQWW
SSB 1980 and the log handler gave up and did not enter the logs -very
frustrating there were reams of paperwork -over 8000 QSOs...

I also ran a cassette tape recorder with a voice loop that triggered the VOX
another innovation - it was great for those boring times and these days its
certainly one tool I would not be without only now its a DVK..

For the key I ran a Bencher with a Trak Memory keyer and used my right hand
and wrote with my left hand..I am sort of ambidextrious as a play sport like
golf and hockey right handed; tennis I have no back hand which drove my old
coaches balmy and I write left handed..

Good questions really enjoy reading the posts ..

Trent VK4TI 

Joe-18 wrote:
> I really never had any problem with dupe sheets.  i hear soo many 
> complain about them I made my own and was a simple aplha numeric grid,  
> the number and the letter after thenumber, not any slower than a 
> computer version,
> Joe WB9SBD
> Mike Fulcher wrote:
>>HI Greg,
>>I write left handed so I've always sent with my right hand.  Same 
>>goes for the keyboard.  I key the characters with my left hand while 
>>sending with my right hand.  It is a good skill to master and makes 
>>you more flexible.  Keep at it until it becomes natural.  (I have no 
>>desire to go back to the manual logging, especially dupe sheets!)
>>At 04:28 8/30/2009, Greg - N3ZL wrote:
>>>I am nineteen years old and have been contesting for five years now.
>>>Though contesting today is full of computerized logging, rig control,
>>>DX clusters, and other high tech tools, I think it is interesting to
>>>learn techniques and tips from the era of handwritten logs. I find it
>>>quite enjoyable to operate an occasional contest back to basics with
>>>the radio, paddles, and paper and pencil. From sending cw with your
>>>non-dominant hand and logging with your other hand to how to
>>>streamline the paper logging process to how exactly a paper dupe sheet
>>>was kept and used, I would like to hear about these techniques and
>>>others from the many experienced contesters on this list. I believe
>>>learning and practicing these skills is quite fun and could one day
>>>pay off if, by some chance, I find myself in a DX location during CQ
>>>WW without a computer. :)
>>>73 de Greg N3ZL
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