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Re: [CQ-Contest] Why few "odd" mults around

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Why few "odd" mults around
From: "Eric Gruff" <egruff@cox.net>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:17:53 -0800
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Charly (and other non-EU stations),


I can appreciate your concerns about the Europe-centric focus of some
stations during contests. Being on the West Coast of the US, Europe is often
not "in range" for me during large chunks of contest time, and I can assure
you that I swing the beam west to look for Asia, etc. Stations on the
Pacific Rim and throughout Asia are much more prominent for us Left Coasters
than are EU stations, and the East Coast US stations can blow the best
California stations out of the water to Europe due to the 3000 mile


I promise to spend a lot of time looking for Asian and African stations
during contests, but please don't go away! Many of my unworked DXCC entities
and band-entities are outside of Europe.


73 - Eric NC6K


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In all ARRL DX contests, I am an "odd" mult here in Thailand.  I would like

to work these contests more, and feel my semi-rare mult status would be

especially appreciated to work, but I operate these contests very little due

to boredom.  I suspect other "wanted" mults in my situation react the same



To enjoy ARRL contests, I have to be heard in the USA.  Even with some

positive propagation, USA is beaming exclusively to EU and I can not be


Too, few USA look for and beam my way except for short times, usually late

in the contest.  Well, I must tell you, it is no fun to wait around for the

occasional USA station to work because of these trends.  Thus, I just go off

to the WARC bands and skip ARRL contests.


I think my situation is similar to all of SA, Africa, VK/ZL, and parts of

Asia.  So, USA operators, if you miss we "odd" mults, you will find us on

the WARC bands actually making contacts instead of snoozing and waiting for

an ARRL contest contact.


C U in the CQ contests.  73,



Charly, HS0ZCW


P.S.  Way too many times I have called a loud USA station calling CQ Contest

to have no response.  Reasons are 1. he is beaming away from me or 2. he is

on another band making contacts and what I am calling on my band is just a

robot holding a freq.  No surprise, then, that I QSY to WARC bands.


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