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Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB

To: Andy Kazantsev <uu0jm@bk.ru>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB
From: Andy Melanin <ua3dpx@mail.ru>
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 07:15:31 +0400
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It's not so well for the CQ comity follow politicians brain illness.
Crimea is RUSSIA !!
That was the dessision of the people who live there.
Amateur radio must be out of politics.
I thimpathize with CQ Comity :-((

Andy UA3DPX / RM3F

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> 18 окт. 2014 г., в 1:55, Andy Kazantsev <uu0jm@bk.ru> написал(а):
> Hi, Edward.
> Вы писали 18 октября 2014 г., 0:39:53:
>> Andy, Personally, I am sorry for your situation.  And sorry that you are
>> harmed right now.  Is it not possible for you to operate using the Ukrainian
>> callsign?  I think that I would have worded the CQ announcement differently
>> but came to the same conclusion. I believe my statement would be that CQ
>> follows the DXCC and WAE country rules and also requires that a station
>> identify themselves with the DXCC/WAE country that they are in.  The DXCC
>> follows the US State Dept recognized county or territory list which I have
>> to assume still calls that location Ukraine.  So if you signed from Ukraine,
>> I don't see there being a problem.  I am assuming that WAE has no separate
>> country status for Crimea.
> I currently live in Russia. And shall comply with the laws of Russia.
> According to these laws, I got a call UB7K  and worked in several
> contests, including the CQ WW RTTY (4 place World, raw scores).
> Also we work CQ WPX CW 2014(UA7K) and WAE CW and SSB 2014.
> If I'm going to continue to work, only this callsign. It is my firm belief.
> I'm not asking for a separate territory of Crimea! Why mix radio with 
> politics?
> This message sponsors CQ caused a storm of dissent among contesters in
> Crimea. Many are ready for these competitions. And then a week before the 
> competition,
> we know that all of our training in vain.
> It is very sad and does not honor the CQ magazine  and event organizers.
> Nevertheless it I will work in this competition, because I compete primarily 
> with each other.
> Last year, I set a record 16 zone and was going to beat this year it.
> 73! Andy UB7K
> ex. UU0JM, UU7J , K1I (WRTC 2014)
>> 73
>> Ed  N1UR
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