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Re: [CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing
From: Ken Low <kenke3x@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2015 07:25:11 -0500
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Someone commented there was no audio on the ZF2MJ YouTube video.   To hear 
audio of a MorseRunner run at 60wpm, click here for a sample from YT6W, a 
frequent HST competitor:


Now imagine you hear two audio streams like that, one in each ear, for 48 
hours, and you get a sense for what Dan and Jose just did.

As a comparison to world-class single-stream MorseRunner, see the HST 2015 
results here:


The top Men's score was Goran YT7AW at 4,398 points over a 10-minute run in HST 
Mode, with 4 Callsigns continuously.   The top Ladies score was Anna RA4FVL (I 
would guess she's 22 years old now) at 4,242 points.

My QRZ page shows a sample MorseRunner run at 3,232 points which equates to 324 
QSO's per hour (with a single audio stream).   So the top HST guys can do about 
425-450 per hour with a single audio stream, although A) they crank the 
Transmit speed up to 120wpm to save time (not really possible in a real 
pileup), and B) those 4 simulated MorseRunner stations are awfully 
well-behaved, and there are not 5-10 of them all zero-beat together!

What Dan and Jose did is a logical evolution of high rate contesting using 
existing building blocks.   Kudos to them both for the hard work they put in to 
reach the next level!

Ken KE3X
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