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To: "Ron Notarius W3WN" <wn3vaw@verizon.net>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] cqcontest.net
From: "Stein-Roar Brobakken Rag" LB3RE"" <post@lb3re.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 19:50:21 +0200
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how can it be assisted? when there is only ONE way information "upstream"
about how many QSO numbers on which band?
it can be uploaded once a minute, once a 30 minute, once a hour.
Its like going to a soccer game, but you can only hear the sound! neither
see the player or the team playing... :D

Nobody gives the operator idea about what is the realtime scenario, as the
upload rate can be happening in over so long time gap.. Thats the reason
it will not assist anyone as a skimmer or dx telnet cluster....

No info about neither about band, beamheading or QRG are given. Some give
only gross QSO mount.
Can maybe be large latency, so even hard to see which band have increased
in QSO amount.

It only give lot of motivation and to maybe do quick decision to jump
other band you thinking there migth be opening.

I know big winner logs have often done lot of estimate and studied public
logs, and even import the other competitors logs into your own log to have
analyse how to  change band or get efficient rate.

Scoreboard like this will be more common to the youngsters, and must
realize it new generation and innovation of contesting.

Most important is have fun, think of future hams to get involved in

Scoreboard been here for couple of years, so why sudden somebody shouting
mayday mayday??? :)

I have used it and had really fun, even in contest it have been really fun.

Think of last time you recruit a new ham or contester, so we can have
someone to work in future.

73 from the "new" contest generation!


Den man, april 4, 2016, 14:16 skrev Ron Notarius W3WN:
>  Sorry Luis, I do not support Rag's position.
> The scoreboard is directly based on spotting information.  Therefore,
> information derived from it is (IMHO) assistance for the purposes of most
> contests that recognize this category.
> While the use of this scoreboard & related tool is certainly fascinating,
> and can prove most interesting if used properly... it is still assistance.
> And frankly, it troubles me on several levels that such efforts seem to be
> put into attempts to add technological assistance to those who are
> (allegedly) operating in categories or sub-categories of these contests,
> all to give them an "edge" over their peers in the same category, that may
> be on the wrong side of the line.  It makes me wonder if this is "pushing
> the envelope" or trying to justify less than ethical behavior.
> Which is another debate for another time and another thread.
> Suffice to say, I strongly suspect that if a contest sponsor or contest
> committee feels the same way, this will result in this type of thing also
> being part of that contest's definition of "assistance" or an "assisted"
> category.  Time will tell.
> 73, ron w3wn
> On 04/04/16, Fco. Luis Delgadillo wrote:
> I totally support Rag's position .
> It is innovative, and the scoreboards add another layer of emotion.
> 73
> Luis XE2B
> Enviado desde mi Huawei de Telcel
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> De: K3RAG LB3RE Brobakken
> Para: Ron Notarius W3WN
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> Hello.
> During SAC we had nordic battle many years.
> We used scoreboard as a challenge to see the race between all of us.
> Even contest committee member agreed
> Even Top contester OH6KZP kim developed this cool tooling for lifting SAC
> to new level.
> Two important things...
> 1. No vfo/ frequency available
> 2. No spotting info where they beam or who give info.
> Braco could used contest planning out from public logs given out from CQ
> WPX.....
> Its nothing more info given than public logs which also tell when/which
> band are used....
> Does it become different if its on a web scoreboard to give more fun, than
> a old log converted to excel sheet.
> Come on guys, i know its hard to let "young" and new hams develope new
> stuff in contesting...
> We made it Scandinavian Activity Contest to gain more activity, why not in
> WPX?????
> Just my two cent, better focus on recuits to keep contest alive
> 73 LB3RE Rag
> Hello to everyone,
> i would like to hear opinion of community
> Does use (wathching or watching and posting) of www.cqcontest .net web
> site
> made single operator as assisted or not?
> Since I have be warned in last WPX that monitoring competitors and their
> band changes (without knowing their freq and spotter)
> could be assisted, because it can give me idea which bands are open, I
> wonder my self is it same with this WEB Site providing same info,
> watching to it, its possible to find out on which band are people
> generating
> QSOs!
> How?
> 73s
> Braco
> E77DX
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Best Regards Stein-Roar "Rag"

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