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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] New hamvention location
From: Ron Notarius W3WN <wn3vaw@verizon.net>
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2016 10:18:53 -0500 (CDT)
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 It is, IMHO, most unfortunate that a few (both here and other places) are 
already making disparaging remarks about the new location for Hamvention.  
Especially since it was just announced, and we haven't even actually been there 
for the event yet, not even once.

But just for comparison, if I can beg everyone's indulgence for a moment...

A local club (not mine) restarted their annual hamfest quite a few years ago, 
after some issues with venues (and other things that I won't go into - mainly 
due to lack of facts).  Their location was the county fairgrounds.

And yes, their first year or two, when they were relatively small, was in an 
agricultural building -- if memory serves, it was the one that 4H used for the 
rabbits, or something like that.  

However, a funny thing happened, and that it happened during the years that the 
hamfest was re-establishing itself and growing.  The county built not one but 
two multi-purpose exhibit halls for non-agricultural exhibits.  (I know they do 
gun shows there, they used to do computer shows -- may still do, for that 
matter -- as well as arts & crafts shows, and a locally based manufacturer of 
high end cookware has their bi-annual "seconds" sale there, just to name a few 

As of last fall, this hamfest had grown into one of the larger (if not the 
largest indoor) hamfests in the area, and now completely occupies the larger of 
the two "new" buildings.

And the old 4H rabbit barn?  It's still there.  But it's not used by the 
hamfest anymore!

My point, in a round-about way, is simply this... just because the property 
that Hamvention is relocating to is a "county fairground" doesn't mean that all 
it does is host an annual farm/agricultural fair.  Many now have real exhibit 
halls for things that aren't out of "Charlotte's Web".

You may choose to fault DARA for sticking with the Hara Arena complex so long 
(I don't), be it out of loyalty, or out of a good price.  But don't knock them 
for having a backup/contingency plan ready to go.  While the new location will 
be different, and some changes to the traditional Hamvention experience are 
inevitable... it is going forward.  And that's what we should be counting on.

73, ron w3wn
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