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Re: [CQ-Contest] Remote operation

To: "'Ria Jairam'" <rjairam@gmail.com>, "'Stan Stockton'" <wa5rtg@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Remote operation
From: "Dick Green WC1M" <wc1m73@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2017 15:37:12 -0400
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The rules for operating KU1CW are governed by FCC Part 97. Although not 
explicitly stated in Part 97, it’s clear that CEPT rules would only apply if 
the remote operator is the control operator. 

As long as the control operator holds a valid US license or reciprocal 
operating privileges, and is present at a local or remote control point, the 
location and license status of the other station operators doesn't matter. As 
we all know, the other station operators don't even have to be licensed. Any 
person, licensed or unlicensed, located anywhere in the world can operate your 
station as long as you or another US licensed ham is present at a local or 
remote control point. 

"Present" isn't defined in Part 97, but it implies that the control operator 
has to monitor the station at all times and be able to take control of it at 
any time (e.g., sleeping in the next room doesn't cut it.) In theory, 
multioperator contest stations should always have a designated control operator 
(truly) present with the requisite privileges for operating the station, but we 
all know this isn't always the case. That's a different issue.

So what happens when a person operating remotely from another country becomes 
the control operator? Part 97 allows a person holding reciprocal operating 
privileges to be the control operator, provided that the station doesn't exceed 
the reciprocal operating privileges. It also says that the control operator can 
be at a remote control point. It doesn't say that the person holding reciprocal 
operating privileges has to be in the US.

My conclusion is that if KU1CW had, at all times, a control operator with a 
valid US license or reciprocal operating privileges that allowed the station to 
be operated as it was, then the operation was legal per FCC rules, regardless 
of where the control operator was located, as long as it was a control point.

Licensing authorities can set operating rules only for stations that are 
physically located within their borders. They cannot set operating rules for 
stations located in other countries. CEPT only says that each licensing 
authority will grant certain operating privileges for stations within its 
borders to citizens of other member countries, which are based to some extent 
on privileges granted by the country in which the citizen holds a license. For 
a U.S. operation, the only issue is whether the holder of those privileges is 
the control operator, whether the control operator was at a control point, and 
whether the station was operated within the control operator's privileges.

CQ WW and WPX rules state that " A remotely operated station must obey all 
station license, operator license, and category limitations." Similarly, ARRL 
contest rules state that "All operators must observe the limitations of their 
operator licenses and station licenses at all times." On the face of it, the 
"station license" and "operator license" are granted by the licensing authority 
in the country in which the station is located, so in the case of KU1CW the 
rules are set by the FCC.

But it's possible that some countries explicitly forbid their citizens, 
licensed or unlicensed, from remotely operating stations located in other 
countries. That's something of a grey area because while you could say that the 
"operator license" consists of both the home country license and reciprocal 
operating privilege, and the terms of the home country license must be obeyed, 
the term "operator license" doesn't apply to an unlicensed individual in 
another country operating a station in the US under the auspices of a control 
operator who has the required privileges. That's legal per the FCC, even if 
that unlicensed person broke the law of his/her country by operating a station 
in another country. The wording of the contest sponsor rules doesn't address 
this case, at least not clearly.

73, Dick WC1M

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Remote operation

I don't have a problem with remote contesting either, as long as it is done 
legally and ethically.

The legality under CEPT for US operations at best is undetermined.
ARRL regulatory has one opinion which says that it is not. Individuals have 
other opinions. What I do not see here is the FCC saying whether it is legal or 

There is also a potential violation of US regulations if foreign operators 
exceed the power and frequency limits of their home license.
Despite what W5OV says, Part 97, specifically 97.107 is extremely clear about 
this. The operating terms and conditions of the home license must be observed. 
This includes power and frequency limits.

The ethics, well that is up to an individual and their conscience.

Ria, N2RJ

On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 11:50 AM, Stan Stockton <wa5rtg@gmail.com> wrote:
> Totally out of line!
> 73...Stan, K5GO
> Sent from Stan's IPhone
>> On Jun 7, 2017, at 10:18 AM, W4AAW@aol.com via CQ-Contest 
>> <cq-contest@contesting.com> wrote:
>> Paul, EI5DI, says he  knows that most or all remote operations are running 
>> "unattended.". Well, how can he know this?
>> He surmises it because he suffers from a visceral hatred of any remote 
>> operation.
>> My station is  certainly is NOT unattended during contests.  I am at the 
>> station for the full duration of any contest we enter.
>> I am the Control Operator at all times.
>> Precious Paul, we are getting a little tired of your exaggerated and 
>> often, inaccurate and baseless observations about remote contesting
>> We all get it: Paul hates remote operation.   We also get that remote 
>> contesting is here to stay.  If is a burgeoning niche within contesting.
>> Mediocre contesters who try to peddle a third or fourth rate app, to the 
>> uninformed are not to be taken seriously.  Does any top ten station use 
>> contesting software from Ireland?
>> Thought not.
>> Mike W4AAW
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