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Missing Port Bits

To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: Missing Port Bits
From: ken@packetcluster.com (Ken Wolff)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 14:54:46
If  I didn't keep trying to "improve" CT, it wouldn't break. However, I keep
trying to do my best for everyone, and each and every change carries its own
risk. Software which has a total market of several thousand copies cannot be
sold for under $100 and fully supported. Either the market needs to be in
the tens of thousands of copies range, or the price needs to be over $1,000.
Should I withdraw the product from the market? CT now represents only a tiny
fraction of our  business and my partners urge me to abandon it altogether. 

- Ken
>On Mon, 23 Oct 1995, Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher@hp-and2.an.hp.com> 
>>In defense of Ken, I will report that I received a reply from him in
>>response to a packet message regarding the vaporization of the 
>>radio1/radio2 control bit.
>>Yes, as the author of the leading piece of contest logging software
>>in the world, he might have some sort of responsibility to his 'public'.
>They are not his public, they are his CUSTOMERS. I think taking my money 
>earns him some responsibility, don't you?
>>Yes, it's only a hobby.
>That's true, and if he were distributing the software for free as a hobby,
>of us would have any right to bitch. HOWEVER... since we have all paid for 
>the advertised functionality that comes and goes from version to version, sans 
>warning or documentation about what works and what doesn't, I think there's 
>a legitimate position from which to ask "Whuffo?" Especially when the tech 
>support has become practically non-existant (at least from what I've seen...).
>This may seem a bit harsh, but I've been trying to get answers for months. 
>Maybe I need more social standing, or to re-join YCCC, or something...
>Greg Becker NA2N
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