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Missing Port Bits

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Subject: Missing Port Bits
From: hremijn@zeelandnet.nl (Henk Remijn) (Henk Remijn)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 01:14:14 UTC
I should suggest that you go on with your effort to improve CT in the
same way. Everyone familiar with software programs and the
implementation of it knows that every change in the program has the
risk of introducing other bugs. 
(AKA programmed features).
Even programs which cost $10000 and more are contains a lot of bugs.
When I see the prices of maintenance contracts of software products
which are sold to even 100 to 1000 times your customers, I guess we
are very lucky.
I think you're doing a great job by supplying us with software
upgrades at so a low price. 

73, Henk

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995 14:54:46  you wrote:

>If  I didn't keep trying to "improve" CT, it wouldn't break. However, I keep
>trying to do my best for everyone, and each and every change carries its own
>risk. Software which has a total market of several thousand copies cannot be
>sold for under $100 and fully supported. Either the market needs to be in
>the tens of thousands of copies range, or the price needs to be over $1,000.
>Should I withdraw the product from the market? CT now represents only a tiny
>fraction of our  business and my partners urge me to abandon it altogether. 
>- Ken
>>On Mon, 23 Oct 1995, Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher@hp-and2.an.hp.com> 
>>>In defense of Ken, I will report that I received a reply from him in
>>>response to a packet message regarding the vaporization of the 
>>>radio1/radio2 control bit.
>>>Yes, as the author of the leading piece of contest logging software
>>>in the world, he might have some sort of responsibility to his 'public'.
>>They are not his public, they are his CUSTOMERS. I think taking my money 
>>earns him some responsibility, don't you?
>>>Yes, it's only a hobby.
>>That's true, and if he were distributing the software for free as a hobby,
>>of us would have any right to bitch. HOWEVER... since we have all paid for 
>>the advertised functionality that comes and goes from version to version, 
>>warning or documentation about what works and what doesn't, I think there's 
>>a legitimate position from which to ask "Whuffo?" Especially when the tech 
>>support has become practically non-existant (at least from what I've seen...).
>>This may seem a bit harsh, but I've been trying to get answers for months. 
>>Maybe I need more social standing, or to re-join YCCC, or something...
>>Greg Becker NA2N
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