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Subject: [na-user] NA observations
From: Ron Wetjen <> (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 21:57:51 +0000
Doug Brandon wrote:

> Is there a special CW character for inserting a "half space"?  Some calls
> sound a lot better when small delays are put in various places in the call
> like W6~E~EN.  I tried W6-EE+N a few times, but it didn't really have the
> desired effect.

Yes, I think this would be great!  Lot's of folks have trouble with my
call (except those of worked hundreds of times!), and I think an extra
half space would really help. Besides having my call, "WD4AHZ" in F4,
for CQWW and the 10 Meter Contest, I put it in as "W D 4 A H Z" (with a
full space between letters) in F6 for those who still had troubles with
it, but it just didn't sound right ... but they got my call that way
just fine!  It would also help quite a bit to use it when sending serial
numbers, since a lot of times they just seem to run together (especially
with the higher speed guys).  Just a fraction of a second pause, I
think, would make copying numbers just a tad easier ... and maybe reduce
the need for fills (even with cut numbers).

73, Ron

(P.S. Thanks for NA 10.43 Dave ... it's been working great, and didn't
have the "memory" problem that I've had before when I'd upgrade to a new

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