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[RFI] Computer monitor RFI

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Subject: [RFI] Computer monitor RFI
From: Ed - K0iL <k0il@mitec.net> (Ed - K0iL)
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 10:34:36 -0600
On Sunday, 26 December, 1999 1:19 AM, Swilsonac6@aol.com 
[SMTP:Swilsonac6@aol.com] wrote:
> I just got a 19 inch Veiwsonic monitor to replace my 15 inch NEC 
> 4FGe that I have been using for the last few years. I get S5 - S8 noise 
> 75 - 77 KHz.  Thinking it might be this particular monitor I
> switched it for a new NEC V90 19 inch monitor with no real change. The
> interference seems to be coming from the monitor itself.
> Have gone back to my 15 inch NEC but miss all that space for extra info
> Has anyone had a similar problem and have a solution ??

The only solution I've ever heard of is to buy a clean monitor to start 
with.  The Viewsonics are RFI/EMI Junk!  Return it or sell it.  Before 
doing so however, try plugging it into another electrical circuit (run an 
extension cord if you have to) or at least a different outlet from the 
radio while having it sit close to or at the shack operating position.  The 
noise may be getting into the radio via the AC circuit.  Let us know if it 
changed anything.  If not, get rid of it.

The NEC Multisyncs have been found to be fairly clean monitors by myself 
and other list members; problem is that they're not making some models any 
longer like the C500 series which is very clean!  I also found the AST 
Vision 5v to be just as clean as the NEC C500 that I have.

A year ago, I took a portable shortwave rcvr alomg to the computer store 
and tested most the monitors in the store.  I went during the day so I 
could turn off other nearby monitors while testing a particular monitor.  I 
explained to the sales guys what I was doing and why, and they said OK. 
 Tested the compaqs, found them fairly noisey.  The Viewsonics were junk (I 
repeat myself though).  Almost all NECs were fairly clean, but I only 
tested 15" since that's all the room I have on the operating table.

> Considering trying a flat screen LCD monitor but they are kinda expensive

I'm really curious to know if these LCDs are the solution.  If you do buy 
one, let us all know how it works out for you!

de ed -K0iL
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