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[RFI] Computer monitor RFI

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Subject: [RFI] Computer monitor RFI
From: Jon Ogden <jono@enteract.com> (Jon Ogden)
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 23:47:10 -0600
on 12/26/99 11:45 AM, Ernie at ernie@avana.net wrote:

> If any of you ever have the chance to take the cover off of an NEC monitor
> you will see a great deal of shielding.  Compared to other 'bargain'
> monitors out there, there is a very real difference in shielding.  Once
> again, it is an instance of getting what you pay for......

One thing I did on my monitor that seemed to help was to actually ground the
frame of the monitor to my RF ground.  Helped out with noise to the radio
and with RF getting into the monitor quite a bit.  Still have a few
frequencies where I have noise, particularly on 15M but it's only spot
frequencies and if I want to work someone there, I just turn the monitor off
for a bit.

Someone mentioned about LCD displays:  I also have a laptop with an LCD
display in the shack.  I have it on all the time as well.  NO problems ever
with RFI from it.



Jon Ogden


"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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