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[RFI] RE: No More Nice Guy? (was BPL video FAQs)

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Subject: [RFI] RE: No More Nice Guy? (was BPL video FAQs)
From: eedwards at oppd.com (EDWARDS, EDDIE J)
Date: Mon Aug 11 12:26:57 2003
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From: Cortland Richmond 
One of the arguments made by BPL proponents is that they have received

This may've already been pointed out, but I think one proponent said
"their members" (i.e. UTC members) haven't reported any BPL interference
complaints to the UPLC organization.  In "Clintonese" that means
utilities who are UTC members have not reported RFI complaints to the
UPLC.  No kidding?  You would expect that, wouldn't you?  Why would they
report RFI complaints?  Even if there were one or two in the tiny areas
where tests were being conducted, it would be detrimental for them to
report such complaints now that they have so much invested in the

 de ed -K0iL

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