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Subject: Re: [RFI] WWRB
From: "Tom Rauch" <w8ji@contesting.com>
Reply-to: Tom Rauch <w8ji@contesting.com>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 18:34:35 -0500
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Hi Jimmy,

These ratty BC stations amaze me. I suppose it is part of deregulation. I'm
still trying to pin down the Spanish language station from south GA or N Fl
that never gives a callsign. I hope I don't have to drive down there!!

> I have done some research on the WWRB installation in the Manchester,Tn.
> area in months past due to some local problems. Where is their new
> installation at?

I assume at the same Manchester site. They way they talk, they are just
upgrading transmitters.

> The site at Manchester has been under watchful eyes since the first tower
> started up and some not so friendly signs were posted.

David seems OK. They corrected and 1805 problem from the GA site in
reasonable time a few years ago.

He seems to "think" the spur power is only 20mW. How someone could know that
without measuring it is beyond me! In any case, it is far too strong.

I assured him even if it was only 20mW, it was very disruptive and if
necessary I'd file a formal complaint. At my QTH, that mix is about 30dB out
of noise and I can plainly copy the audio mix.

I think he will correct it without that.

73 Tom

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