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Subject: RE: [RFI] WWRB
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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 22:07:05 -0500
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The mix could be in the station equipment, other equipment or corrosion near 
either transmitter, or your own equipment or station.

Much of the "intermod" associated with AM transmitters comes from your own 
station receiver.  If you have an attenuator, switch in 10 or 20 dB of 
attenuation. If the intermod drops by 2X or 3X the attenuator setting, it is an 
overloaded receiver.  I am not subscribed to the topband or 160m QTH 
reflectors, so pass along if you think the post is useful.

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> From: Jimmy Floyd [mailto:nq4u@bellsouth.net]
> Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2003 2:00 AM
> To: Tom Rauch; RFI; Topband@contesting.com; 160m QTH
> Subject: Re: [RFI] WWRB
> > WWRB in Tennessee
> >
> > http://www.wwrb.org/
> >
> > has a new installation that is just killing 1805kHz with a 
> mix from two
> > transmitters (6890 and 5085kHz)!
> >
> I have done some research on the WWRB installation in the 
> Manchester,Tn.
> area in months past due to some local problems. Where is their new
> installation at?
> The site at Manchester has been under watchful eyes since the 
> first tower
> started up and some not so friendly signs were posted.
> The site engineer is a ham --- WA4SZE  David Frantz Jr. --- and unless
> things have changed , do not expect much cooperation from him 
> or the parent
> company.
> The FCC office in Ga. is very familiar with the Manchester, Tn. site.
> Jimmy
> NQ4U
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