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From: Ed -K0iL <eedwards@tconl.com>
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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 12:32:26 -0600
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So if you live in CA and have a ham next door and rcv interference; you 
call the FCC and they tell you they don't handle interference complaints 
any longer; and the ham's hands are tied by law and can do nothing to help? 
 Sounds like a powder keg waiting to blow to me.

Even under these circumstances you CAN still do something.  You can provide 
information, cooperation and even reimbursement for the ferrites & filters 
if you so desire.  It'd be what we call around here, being neighborly.  If 
the neighbor refuses, well at least you tried.

The ham is the one who, by virtue of having his license, should have the 
technical expertise to help fix problems that arise out of his 
transmissions from his station.  (Notice I didn't say "caused by".)  Let 
the neighbor put the filters/ferrites on his own equipment per the 
instructions.  Anyone capable of setting up such a complicated audio-video 
system should be able to do that.  If he paid to have it installed, then 
you might find him a tech to do the work.  There's always other options.

Please take no offense at this, but the day that hams take the attitude 
that they don't have to do anything to help resolve interference (due to 
state law or whatever) is the beginning of the end for ham radio.  They'll 
move us out of the HF bands and move in BPL in a flash.

73, de ed -K0iL

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From:   W6YN Don
It's a good thing you do not reside in California, USA.
Here you would be in violation of state law by doing anything to your
neighbor's electronic equipment.

It is obvious that the problem is not of your making.
I would suggest that your neighbor hire an expert electronic technician
to solve his problems.
I don't know anything about tort laws there, but you could open yourself
up to grief of great magnitude should anything go wrong with any of his
stuff while you do anything or after you do anything to it or do anything
near it.
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