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Subject: [RFI] lighting rfi
From: "Rick Saeger" <k3oo@k3oo.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 14:56:06 -0500
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I have just recently confirmed my qrn source. Noised peaks at around 10m
at s6.
It is a horse barn about 3000' from my qth. It is the confirmed source
because as soon as the lights are turned off the noise is completely
In this barn is a riding ring that has 10 sets of fluorescent lights 25'
above the riding surface. Each of the 10 lights has 4 bulbs. The bulbs
are about 3' long. Each of the 10 lights has its own light switch.
We tested last week and anytime any of the 10 light fixtures are turned
on they generate noise. So when all 10 are on it is really bad. Each of
these 10 light fixtures are identical. There is other lighting in the
barn that has no problem at all. It is just these 10 lights.
May question is this. How should I proceed to eliminate this rfi
The owner is aware of the problem but I have not really addressed how it
should be resolved yet.
Any advice on how to eliminate the problem and an approach to the
neighbor would be appreciated.
Thanks & 73,
Rick K3OO
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