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Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 08:01:06 -0500
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The first thing I'd do is tell him you don't want to alarm
him, but you are a little concerned. When a device is making
noise that sometimes means it is sparking someplace inside.
It could be a bad ballast transformer design, or bad pin
connections to the lamps, but it isn't normal for lights to
make bad electrical noise that can be heard at a long

See what he thinks.

73, Tom W8JI
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Subject: [RFI] lighting rfi

> I have just recently confirmed my qrn source. Noised peaks
at around 10m
> at s6.
> It is a horse barn about 3000' from my qth. It is the
confirmed source
> because as soon as the lights are turned off the noise is
> gone.
> In this barn is a riding ring that has 10 sets of
fluorescent lights 25'
> above the riding surface. Each of the 10 lights has 4
bulbs. The bulbs
> are about 3' long. Each of the 10 lights has its own light
> We tested last week and anytime any of the 10 light
fixtures are turned
> on they generate noise. So when all 10 are on it is really
bad. Each of
> these 10 light fixtures are identical. There is other
lighting in the
> barn that has no problem at all. It is just these 10
> May question is this. How should I proceed to eliminate
this rfi
> problem?
> The owner is aware of the problem but I have not really
addressed how it
> should be resolved yet.
> Any advice on how to eliminate the problem and an approach
to the
> neighbor would be appreciated.
> Thanks & 73,
> Rick K3OO
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