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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 14:37:36 -0800
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Some light sets run from LV switching mode PS's   These are notorious. 
Some fixtures use noisy electronic ballasts.   Your solution will require
making any sources quieter, decoupling them from radiating wires, or both. 

Do be aware that whatever fixes we can come up with, the owner is compelled
to follow local and national building, electrical and fire codes, and to
use only electrical equipment recognized and marked as safe by a nationally
recognized test laboratory  such as UL, ETSI, or one of a number of others.

A number of fluorescent lights and fixtures have been recalled, and while
it's unlikely your interference is caused by one such, you may want to
check it out at 


Rick K3OO asked
> In this barn is a riding ring that has 10 sets of fluorescent lights 25'
> above the riding surface. Each of the 10 lights has 4 bulbs. The bulbs
> are about 3' long. Each of the 10 lights has its own light switch.
> We tested last week and anytime any of the 10 light fixtures are turned
> on they generate noise. So when all 10 are on it is really bad. Each of
> these 10 light fixtures are identical. There is other lighting in the
> barn that has no problem at all. It is just these 10 lights.
> May question is this. How should I proceed to eliminate this rfi
> problem?
> The owner is aware of the problem but I have not really addressed how

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