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Re: [RFI] Mobile amps and vehicle issues

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Mobile amps and vehicle issues
From: David Jordan <wa3gin@erols.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:23:07 -0500
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Ford should consider offering the option for better noise suppression.  
Most mobile rigs are costing over $1,000 bucks these days and on-board 
computer controllers can be equally expensive.  I think Ford might be 
surprised just how many radio operators would be willing to spend 
another $50 or $100 bucks to ensure a relatively noise free and safe ride!

I've got the noise reduced so much in my Sport Trac I can hear the noise 
from the anti-lock brake sensors on my AM radio, haha.


FoMoCo EMC wrote:

> It may be shameful but it is going to be the shape of things to come.
> Susceptible circuitry is rampant in a vehicle.  Almost every electric 
> motor in a vehicle is speed controlled by a pulse width modulated 
> signal.  A little bit of RF into the circuit and the motor will 
> exhibit undesired RPM variations.  There are a dozen sensors on the 
> engine and throughout the vehicle that put out low level signals that 
> can be disrupted.  Imagine what occurs when the vehicle can no longer 
> tell if tire rotation is occuring (wheel speed sensors) or can't 
> determine the postion of the camshaft, crankshaft, or throttle plate.
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