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Re: [RFI] Fw: cell phone interference on airplanes

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Fw: cell phone interference on airplanes
From: David Garnier <dgarnier@wi.rr.com>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 13:37:02 -0600
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You got it _exactly right - my nuances an all._

Others in EMC business, Dale-WA9ENA, Tim-(KR0U) have experience in testing
to Mil & RTCA test levels, My test experience is only with 60601-1-2 
Test levels, 200 V/m and greater - impress the heck out of me. ;-)

/All I was trying to point out, that in the time frame of 9-11, "EMI 
design levels of that
Particular Aircraft" was apparently or appears from reports, good enough 
to support
communication from a number of various personal cellfones./

* I would caution all - that this is an International Listserve -
* and there are _bad guys_ out there that mean us _no good will_...

* On another listserve - I have heard members carefully explain,
* describe, and give directions for building antenna arrays - to folks
* who clearly didn't know squat about what they had in their possession,
* living in very dubious places and email addresses. Duh!!!

Regards to all.

dave garnier - wb9own

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Subject: RE: [RFI] Fw: cell phone interference on airplanes

Why don't we just let David clarify his comments.  

The way I read his message I took David to be saying that if cells phones
had not been in use on that jet (banned usage), the men who eventually
rushed the cockpit to disable the jet would never have known they were on a
jet destined to become a weapon targeting the first responders at the

In other words he was in support of having cell phone access and wasn't
linking the cell phone usage to the eventual crash of the jet.

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