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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:17:19 -0700
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Lack of manufacturer guidlines seems to be a frequent problem when installing a 
rig in modern cars.  My 2001 Protege came with the same warning; contaced my 
dealer, and he was as helpful as snow in January.  He simply didn't know.  Lack 
of factual info, my personal history of 2M RFI in an earlier Mazda, and dire 
warnings in the form of anecdotal evidence from other hams regarding the new 
cars' many computers convinced me to forget the whole thing, and just use an HT 
when I'm stopped and out of the car.

I seem to recall calling up Mazda America, and they weren't any help 
either...but try it with Toyota; call the national HQ up, and see where you 
get.  The dealers, well, I had one tell me, "We just sell the cars."


At 11:27 AM 08/23/2006, you wrote:
>Has anyone found the "Toyota Special Instructions for installation of a 
>mobile two-way radio system"?  I recently purchased a Prius and have read 
>this note on Page vii of the Owner's Manual.  It says to check with your 
>Toyota dealer for precautionary measures or special instructions regarding 
>installation.  Do they have a website with those type of installation notes? 
>I called the local dealer's Service Manager and he doesn't have a clue.  He 
>said he will check and get back to me.
>Thanks for any guidance!
>Bill NE1B 
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