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From: "W6YN Don Milbury" <w6yn@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 04:12:18 GMT
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If "..There is pretty much universal agreement all around the 
world that at least a significant part of global warming is 
caused by humans..." What do you suppose is the cause of a verified equivalent 
global warming on the planet Mars? 

73,  Don,  W6YN

-- Hardy Landskov <n7rt@cox.net> wrote:

At 06:14 PM 10/18/2007 -0400, Tom Rauch wrote:

>Just because a person claims the total birth to grave 
>emissions are higher in an internet chatroom doesn't mean it 
>is factual.
>There is pretty much universal agreement all around the 
>world that at least a significant part of global warming is 
>caused by humans, but there is virtually nothing to be found 
>showing the total impact of any vehicle from birth to grave.
>People always have a tendency to accept what they want to 
>hear without questioning the validity of it. That's why we 
>are in so much trouble. We are easily manipulated to support 
>people we would never support if we looked objectively at 
>their history or actions because we believe what we want to 
>regardless of fact.
>CFL bulbs have a low reliability factor, but so do the light 
>dimmers and everything else I buy from China. They have high 
>power factor compared to the unity power factor of an 
>incandescent lamp. They certainly cause more pollution in 
>manufacture and disposal. The exact numbers vary widely, but 
>in general they do save energy. They do NOT save money. They 
>won't save the world.
>Most of our energy waste is in needlessly large houses and 
>vehicles and our habits. Not in light bulbs. A 100kW vehicle 
>engine can't be corrected for by reducing the peak electric 
>light demand by 500 watts.
>73 tom
Tom, el al,
I have had two fracture within the last week that came from Home Depot.
They lasted about 6 months.
On the other side of the coin, how about family planning, less cars, less

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