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Subject: Re: [RFI] CFL bulbs - NO WAY
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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 15:56:23 +1000
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we may see a reversal of
> warming to a cooling cycle.

Now that's really bad news. The only thing worse than global warming is global 
cooling. We are just comming out of an ice-age and a few degrees cooler on 
average will put us back under the ice again. Watch out North America and 
Northern Europe!

Unfortunately mass hesteria has taken over the world. Well respected scientists 
are now basing their reputation on interpretations of small changes in 
measurement date that simply was not possible a few years ago, and the media is 
more than willing to go along with it.  

Only problem is the climate is not a linear system and linear extrapolations 
simply don't work. Climate is random and variations can be extreme and fast. 
Remember when Greenland was green - that's why it was called Greenland- it was 
warmer in Greenland then.

The level of CO2 in the earths crust and the oceans is so vast that anything 
man can do is insignificant on a geological time scale, and buried in the noise.

Do you remember the Chernobyl disaster. The Swedish were told not to leave 
their homes for fear of radiation. Well Swedish homes are built in on granite, 
and granite emits radon gas as it decays. The Swedish were exposed to much more 
radiation staying in their homes that they would have been by going outside! 

Thats the power of the media and when society as a whole believes it the 
politicians have little option than to go along.

However, it makes sense that we don't pollute any more than we have to, and we 
strive to make most efficient use of our resources. Plastics and chemicals are 
far more important uses for oil than driving hulks around. I have just returned 
from China and believe me, it's bad...very bad. Hong Kong is buried under smog 
from China every day and each Chinese electronics factory makes 20-50 new 
useless products every year.

So even if it's not true, it makes sense to become more efficient. 

By the way, last week I went to the Taipei, Hong Kong, and Mainland China 
electronics shows and although there were some Homeplug type applications, they 
certainly were not there in great numbers. I don't think I'm seeing any 
significant uptake of the technology as yet by Asian standards.


---- "David C. Hallam" <dhallam@rapidsys.com> wrote: 
> Who said this statement came from an internet chat room.  It was a published
> report from an independent research group.  I will have to search and find
> the name of the group that published the report.
> There is no UNDISPUTED evidence that global warming is the result of human
> activities.  In spite of the chicken little attitude of large numbers of
> people, there is still a group of experts who contend there is valid
> evidence to support the contention that the contribution of human activity
> to the current warming cycle is minimal and lost in the noise of the data.
> One point is the number of hurricanes has not increased over the last 50
> years but has in fact decreased from the number recorded from about 1900 to
> 1950.  This is not supposition but comes from the records.
> > There is pretty much universal agreement all around the
> > world that at least a significant part of global warming is
> > caused by humans
> There is no such universal agreement except among those who have something
> to gain by supporting this contention.  Their attitude is "Don't confuse me
> with facts, my mind is made up".
> I just read a report from NOAA that warming is being counteracted by
> particulate matter in the upper atmosphere.  The total heating energy
> received from the sun has decreased to due reflection caused the this
> particulate matter and if the trend line continues we may see a reversal of
> warming to a cooling cycle.
> David
> KC2JD/4
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> > > Ahh, but then why don't the Al Gore's of the world come
> > > out and say "Right
> > > now these hybrid cars emit more total pollution per unit
> > > that do the
> > > conventional gasoline automobiles.  However, some day
> > > technological
> > > improvements may change that."
> > >
> > > Another Inconvenient Truth
> >
> >
> > Just because a person claims the total birth to grave
> > emissions are higher in an internet chatroom doesn't mean it
> > is factual.
> >
> > There is pretty much universal agreement all around the
> > world that at least a significant part of global warming is
> > caused by humans, but there is virtually nothing to be found
> > showing the total impact of any vehicle from birth to grave.
> >
> > People always have a tendency to accept what they want to
> > hear without questioning the validity of it. That's why we
> > are in so much trouble. We are easily manipulated to support
> > people we would never support if we looked objectively at
> > their history or actions because we believe what we want to
> > regardless of fact.
> >
> > CFL bulbs have a low reliability factor, but so do the light
> > dimmers and everything else I buy from China. They have high
> > power factor compared to the unity power factor of an
> > incandescent lamp. They certainly cause more pollution in
> > manufacture and disposal. The exact numbers vary widely, but
> > in general they do save energy. They do NOT save money. They
> > won't save the world.
> >
> > Most of our energy waste is in needlessly large houses and
> > vehicles and our habits. Not in light bulbs. A 100kW vehicle
> > engine can't be corrected for by reducing the peak electric
> > light demand by 500 watts.
> >
> > 73 tom
> >
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