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Re: [RFI] Car laptop adaptors

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Car laptop adaptors
From: Martin Ewing - AA6E <aa6e@ewing.homedns.org>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 20:20:06 -0500
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Using raw auto power seems a little risky to me - if you don't want to
fry your laptop when running the starter motor or getting a jump
start...  OTOH, that's what we do with our ham gear.

73 Martin AA6E

Mel Crichton wrote:
> I can tell you one to avoid: the universal adapter with numerous plugs, the 
> one I bought off Internet is Espow brand... about 20-25 bucks on E-Bay... RFI 
> even with ignition off. I tried the small TrippLite inverter and managed to 
> get it failrly quiet, but its noise increased ith ignition on.
> NN9K tells me that the really expensive one (about 150 bucks) made by Lind 
> Electronics is quiet, but I chose to buy a "12 volt" laptop instead. 
> Just for fun, did you try your laptop on a 12 volt DC supply? Many WILL work, 
> even though the battery and AC supply are over 14 volts. I soldered a 
> cigarette lighter plug in parallel with the 19volt DC from the AC supply, for 
> a temporary fix. Will have a dedicated 12 volt AROUND the ignition switch in 
> the future.
> Mel KJ9C

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