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Subject: Re: [RFI] Car laptop adaptors
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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:47:51 -0500
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Hey guys,
I have several commercial and Amateur radios, 2 laptops, a mobile data
computer w/900meg radio, IFR Spectrum Analyzer, O Scopes, RF FS meter and
several other devices. All connected 24/7 with no surge protection and all
fused at the source. I use an F-250 diesel that is really demanding during
the start mode. The only issue I've had in 28years is the IFR locks up when
I start the truck and I have to shut it down and restart it. This is caused
by the low voltage during start up. I've verified this.
My point is, other than some yoyo every now and then jump starting my truck
using an arc welder, I've never had an issue.

Michael C Martin
RFI Services
6469 Old Solomons Island RD
Tracys Landing, MD 20779

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